Binkus/Binky/Binkuru Rexus is the asshole of the universe. He thinks he's the genius guy who knows it all, but he's just an asshole. He's been rejected by the same girl 18 times, though she's just used him to get homework answers, and does not know when to stop. This guy is annoying and looks like Binky from Arthur. He has big ass mama jeans that he wears up to his tits and this awful shirts that sometimes make him look like a traffic cone. His knees are gyroscopic and are definitely the next level of evolution. He feels entitled and no one honestly likes him, not even the desperate Whale. Nevik and the rest of his disciples hate Binky with a passion and really wish he would shut up and die because he has to interrupt every single conversation with a factoid or question, and he likes to answer every question as well. It's great was he's incorrect. God it feels great. Fuck this guy.

- "Actually, crocodilian species lived in the Nile." - Binkus Rexus a couple days before the professor came back and told him he was wrong.