The Redneck Roomate Edit

Ffej is a redneck Coors-lovin, cousin-fuckin' man who is roomies with the great god Nevik-kun himself. He sure loves him some cousins. He dislikes hanging around the OswegoSchoolSchluter, though, who is very anti-PC. Who cares?

You're not a ni... Edit

Ffej is slightly racist... slightly... especially when drunk. Overall, he's a nice guy.

I hate Phil Edit

Ffej hates Phil and he doesn't even talk to him. Just seeing him makes his insides boil, and he sees him quite a lot. Phil actually killed Ffej in one of the universes, but the Ffej in ours stands tall only with Vietnam flashbacks of Phil killing his other self. Ffej also goes by the name KIA because of this.