The Birth of a Troglodyte Edit

Gay Jesus isn't gay, nor is he Jesus. He's actually a really cool dude, not that being gay or Jesus isn't cool. Both are cool actually... I didn't mean to... fuck. Well, y'know what I meant. He's just a normal guy... well, normal as in... fuck. He's... I give up. I'm not getting anywhere with this and I don't mean to offend anyone.

The Female Form! Edit

Gay Jesus has a problem with ever looking at female bodies as sexual objects. He's actually in the right here. We shouldn't look at female bodies as sexual objects, but we don't listen to him because what's the fun in that. The thing is, this man still likes to, um, release to women, but not to them undressed or anything because that's insane. Not like any woman gets turned on by men for their bodies. Disgusting!

"At least I don't jack off to their personality." - Thomas of Hilariousness, a friend.

To be Honest Edit

We don't mean any faults when we use the words Gay and Jesus together. This is just a joke about a friend of ours. This whole wiki is. Don't take this shit too seriously.