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Nevik Schlu Schlu SchluterEdit

Nevik Schlu Schlu Schluter, born Nevik Schluter back before time began alongside the great god Phil Collins. With the looks of a 40-year-old man, Nevik Schlu Schlu Schluter has lived a long life trying to escape the clutches of his love, Phil Collins, by avoiding him at every cost. The two time traveling multi-dimensional beings have been in an eternal game of hide-and-go-seek for all of eternity, yet Phil has finally found Nevik and the year of our eternal savior has come.

Born From Anime Edit

Nevik was the founder of anime and all of its loves. Hiding from Phil is almost impossible when you are the great creator of a love of many people. Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man, Naruto... so many great names have scrawled from Nevik's pen. But Phil despises these "animations." He only likes the harem like animes with young girls and one guy. Nevik thought that writing so much anime that Phil despised would have set them apart forever but Phil is smarter than his alien head makes him appear. He was able to chase down Nevik and find him. There's no getting away from Phil. He knows everything. He is everywhere.

"I like anime." - Nevik Schlu Schlu Schluter

Creations From RaG Edit

RaG stands for Ron and Gloria, the great creators of the multiverse we live in. The clap created when Gloria dropped down on Ron caused the start of the multiverse as well as the accidental creations of Phil and Nevik, the gods of our world. Nevik is a god. He is daddy AF. We must respect him though he is a 20-year-old man stuck in a 40-year-old body.

Superhero Fanboy Edit

No one ever understood why Nevik loves superheroes. He just does. He's a living superhero, so he only is idolizing himself when he looks at superheroes. This man just creams every time it happens. Help us get him his own action figure.

AKA Edit

  • Daddy Nevik
  • Vitamin K
  • Special K
  • Vek
  • Vekcination
  • Nevvy
  • Daddy AF
  • Daddy
  • Schlutter
  • Schlooter
  • Schlu Schlu
  • etc.

The Oswego School Schluters Edit

Nevik's ragtag group of friends including himself, Ffej, Gay Jesus, Joshuru Peckuru, the OswegoSchoolSchluter himself, and Hitler's Youth.

The Common Enemies Edit

Here are the common otherwordly enemies of the Nevik universe. Binkus and The Whale

The Holy Books Edit

Here are Quotes from the Holy Book.

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