Phil "Alien" Collins was created in the great cataclysm of RaG In the Genesis of our existence and has been alive in our timeline 1.130209 on planet Earth since it was created 6000 years ago in the afterglow of RaG. He has been the primary antagonist of Nevik Schulter since his conception.


Childhood and Early Life Edit

Much about Phil Collin's early life is unknown. It can merely be speculated from one theory that the great Divine Ones bestowed their insight upon their child, creating a swelled cranium cavity in the head region of his body, although a far more probable theory is that he has reached the sexual maturity phase of his species and his reproductive organ (Head) has begun to produce ready-2-fertilize eggs. "The estrus theory" has become the most probably theory as to why the sight of a such a strong daddy figure with potent seed makes his legs turn to a gelatinous fluid. Literally. He has very weak knees that are easy to pop out.

The Great Divine One Edit