Ron and Gloria Edit

Ron and Gloria are the creators of this great multiverse we live in. As we all know, Ron loves himself some thikkkk bitches, and Gloria is as thick as you can get. Before there was anything, there was Ron and Gloria. They fell in love and ended up consummating, Gloria clapping down upon Ron. This clap created the COLLINS BANG and formed the entirety of our universe.

The Great Divine One Edit


"The Great Divine One" Moments after RaG

The Great Divine One, also know as "Grampa" or "Ron" is actually a nice guy. A former professor for some science we are too lazy to recollect, he knows a lot. He does all of Phil's work for him. His aliases are "Professor Wolf" and "Grandpa". We love him because he loves BBWs, and he's not too bad of a guy. He looks just like Phil, tall and lanky, except aged many years. We feel bad for this guy.

Gloria Edit

Gloria, also known as T H I G G G G G G G C K, is the second half creator of Phil Collins, although she probably counts for more, Gloria is a real fat cunt. Not much else to say other than DAYYYYYYYMMMMMNNNNN.


Gloria's rapid expansion during RaG almost causes the Universe to implode on itself.