It became very apparent that Phil wasn't the only one who could become so infatuated with Nevik's godly glory. Another being, whom has been donned the name "The Whale" also has fallen for Nevik. Though he usually loves aquatic species, this being in particular he hates with a passion. She is large and lacks a behind. She is pushy and somehow both extremely self-hating and full of herself. She is self-deprecating to the fullest, but believes that she's the top shit. She pushes a backwards agenda of being against men's sexual appetites, though she has, herself, made a man consent who did not want her. She is all for pushing for others' sexual rights, unless you are a straight man, because you obviously have no deserved rights then. You are the problem and should not be included. She also claims to be asexual though she seems quite the fucking opposite. She wants to better herself and her body but won't put in the effort, so will just complain about herself and men as the problem instead. Yeah, 'cause that makes sense. Now that this rant is over, it must be said that The Whale is an affinity for Nevik that none other than Phil could ever have. She hopes to make Nevik hers and has already trapped him a couple times. Yet, our god always finds a way out. Gods rest his soul. She will devour the universe like she devoured her cat if we ever let her get her greasy hands on our lord and savior. Amen.

- "I'm not trying to kill a vampire, I'm trying to become one!" - The Whale to Nevik as she got a slice of garlic pizza.